Are you looking for an equitable distribution attorney in Northern NJ? Kathy Karas-Pasciucco of Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson, LLC has been an equitable distribution attorney in Northern NJ for many years.

Equitable Distribution is the distribution of the assets acquired by you and your spouse during the course of your marriage. The assets to be distributed are all items acquired jointly during the marriage including household items, furniture, cars, boats, retirement assets, real estate and any and all other property acquired by the divorcing couple during the course of the marriage. Typically, the assets will be valued from the date of the marriage until the date the complaint for divorce is filed; however, the parties can agree to use whatever valuation date they choose. It is not uncommon for parties to argue about an asset and to demand an asset out of spite. This mindset that each and every asset must be argued about is what creates tension between the parties and drives up legal fees.

When a couple is engaged in a Collaborative Divorce, I find the parties are more agreeable to making decisions concerning equitable distribution that make sense for the family rather than fighting about each and every item. The Collaborative agenda creates an atmosphere that allows each party to express him or herself without the fear of retaliation. This can work to the parties advantage so the settlement can go more swiftly and cost effectively.

For example, if the parties own a boat but one spouse never operated the boat and has no desire to do so, then it makes perfect sense to allow one spouse to keep the boat and the other will receive another asset. This idea of negotiating for the best interest of the family is the basic premise of a Collaborative Divorce. In addition, in a conventional divorce it can be very costly to have the respective attorneys go through each and every item in order to agree upon who will take what.

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