Glen Rock Attorneys Assist Families With Harassed Children

Lawyers pursue relief for victims under New Jersey’s anti-bullying laws

Sadly, many families live in fear that their school-aged children will be bullied. For decades, parents did not have many options in situations where their children were being mistreated aside from asking the school for help. However, New Jersey now requires schools to have policies and personnel in place to stop Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB). At Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson in Glen Rock, we have been at the forefront of anti-bullying efforts throughout New Jersey since the movement started to make schools safer. By enforcing the laws that now exist and holding schools accountable, we will help your sons and daughters go about their lives free of needless intimidation and fear.

Does bullying have to take place at school?

A large percentage of the bullying that occurs between fellow students occurs off school grounds. Whether the abusive behavior involves physical threats, cyberbullying or other types of harassment, school districts can be held legally responsible for acts that take place outside Board of Education property. You should report any bullying to the school’s HIB representative regardless of where it occurred, because these actions interfere with the victimized student’s rights and the orderly operation of the school.

New Jersey anti-bullying laws

New Jersey law offers more protection to bullying victims than many other states. The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights became law in 2011, and has been supplemented with additional protections, such as Mallory’s Law, which allows civil claims to be brought against the parents of bullying children. Specific forms of HIB include harmful verbal statements, written materials, online activity, gestures and physical acts. School districts must have a defined Anti-Bullying Policy (ABP) posted and an employee who is designated as the ABP coordinator. Specific consequences must be listed for particular types of bullying misbehavior and all complaints are required to be requested and reported. Along with HIB prevention and disciplinary measures, the law also mandates that the school districts offer support for victims. Unfortunately, despite the state’s extensive anti-bullying legal framework, some educators and institutions remain inclined to sweep problems under the rug, so bringing in an attorney might be the only way to create a safe environment for your child.

When to consult an attorney

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that “kids will be kids” and the situation will resolve itself. If your child is fearful about going to school or if their performance is suffering, retaining a lawyer with experience in this area might be the best way to see that meaningful action is taken. Our attorneys are here to protect your children when the schools fail to do so. We have been pioneers in this field. Long before other firms even recognized this was a cause for concern, we were initiating legal proceedings against schools that permitted a culture of violence, intimidation and bullying to exist. In 2012, our firm resolved what was believed to be the largest bullying case in the United States. You do not have to wait until a physical confrontation takes place to compel the school to meet its legal responsibility. By then, serious damage might have already been done.

Contact a New Jersey lawyer to discuss a possible bullying claim

Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson, LLC assists New Jersey bullying victims and their families. If your child has been repeatedly harassed, you can call us at 201-468-0966 or contact us online to discuss potential legal remedies. We are located in Glen Rock.