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Glen Rock attorneys advocate for small and large New Jersey clients

When litigation is unavoidable, you need to make sure that your problems aren’t made worse by the path you choose and the strategies you employ. At Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson, LLC in Glen Rock, we’re committed to handling your New Jersey business litigation aggressively and cost-effectively. Whether you seek pre-litigation counseling, require collection on a judgment or face a different type of challenge, you can rely on us. Our attorneys have the experience and sophistication you would find in a large law firm, allowing us to handle the most complex commercial disputes while providing small-firm efficiency and cost-consciousness. At all times, we provide personalized attention to your case.

Our firm has represented various major business clients in a variety of commercial matters involving breach of contract claims, employment disputes, shareholder oppression suits, claims of faulty work and/or negligence, insurance coverage claims and collection actions, to name a few.

Types of business litigation

Throughout New Jersey, our firm advocates for clients in all types of business disputes, including cases involving the following issues:

  • Breach of contract — If a party to your contract failed to meet their obligations, our attorneys can pursue an appropriate remedy, which might be restitution, liquidated damages, cancellation of the agreement or an order requiring performance of their contractual duties.
  • Creditors’ rights and foreclosure — Struggles with collections can threaten the viability of an otherwise successful operation. Our firm enforces creditors’ rights while making sure that laws governing the collection process are followed. We also represent lenders seeking to foreclose on commercial and residential mortgage loans as well as borrowers who require assistance navigating the difficult path toward loan redemption, modification or forgiveness. We also represent buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of loans. 
  • Fraud — Matters involving the alleged misappropriation of funds or other forms of harmful misrepresentation can destroy a defendant’s credibility and possibly even lead to criminal charges. It is critical to have a seasoned attorney by your side in these cases to present the strongest possible argument.
  • Employment disputes – We represent companies and individuals in a variety of matters including wrongful termination, sexual harassment and non-competition.
  • Corporate disputes — When members of a company are not upholding their fiduciary obligations or members are heading for a  corporate divorce, the battle over legal responsibilities or the distribution of assets can be fierce. We represent parties in matters arising from corporate squeeze outs and other conflicts that occur among business owners and executives. 

Regardless of how simple or complex your business dispute might be, we deliver skillful, cost-effective legal representation.

What you can expect

The outcome of litigation against another business depends on much more than the legal merits of the case. You can rely on us for sound analysis regarding your adversary and the various options that exist to resolve your dispute. In many cases, both sides benefit by working hard on a settlement or using a method of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. As experienced business lawyers, we can also identify the pressures facing the other sides and the factors that might compel them to accept a suitable compromise.

Challenges of business litigation

Frequently, businesses are dissuaded from initiating legal action because of the time, expense and hassle involved. Whatever type of dispute exists, our attorneys offer honest counsel regarding the resources that will be required and the likelihood of success. This might include a description regarding the anticipated discovery process, whether the possibility of indemnification exists or the effect of any publicity on your business. Before you make critical decisions on how to proceed, we make sure you have a detailed perspective on the legal and practical challenges that lie ahead.

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