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If you are going through a divorce in New Jersey, you may be entitled to alimony which is also called spousal support. The purpose of alimony is to financially assist the lower wage earner once the higher wage earner is no longer providing support. Alimony can be rehabilitative - received until the lower wage earner can obtain training or education that would allow him or her to re-enter the workforce. Alimony can be reimbursement in nature which would be payable if one spouse supported the other spouse through special training or advanced education with the understanding that the supporting spouse would receive a benefit once the earning spouse’s income increased.

Alimony can be paid for a limited period of time (limited duration alimony) or it can be paid until the paying spouse retires or has a change in circumstances (open durational alimony). In order to determine the amount of alimony and the length of time alimony will be paid the court looks at many factors including the age, physical and emotional health of the parties; the educational background and work history of the parties; the parties need and ability to pay; the standard of living enjoyed during the course of the marriage/civil union; earning capacity of the parties; time and expense necessary to obtain additional training and/or education for the parties; tax consequences of the payment or receipt of alimony; amount of income derived from investment income; parental responsibilities of the parties; the amount and duration of any Pendente lite support paid; the practical impact of the parties need to obtain separate residences and any other factor that the court deems relevant.

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