Are you looking for a Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney In NJ? Our attorneys at Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson, LLC have been pharmaceutical injury attorneys in NJ and have achieved great success.

Lawsuits against big pharmaceutical companies can appear to be daunting. Pharmaceutical companies spare no expense in defending their products against a product liability claim. We at Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson, LLC are aware of the issues presented by these lawsuits and also understand the harm that can come to people who are injured due to a defective pharmaceutical or over-the-counter medication. We are willing, and able, to fight big Pharma while having the compassion to understand your injuries and fight for your rights.

Many pharmaceuticals involve serious side effects. Sometimes, the pharmaceutical companies downplay the risks of the medication or fail to warn of the potential risks. This is often due to the fact that big pharmaceutical companies place profits over safety.

If you or a family member experiences a serious injury, or dies, as a result of a defective medication, call us today to discuss a potential claim.

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